• Cassata Cake

    Cassata — Italian sponge cake filled with layers of homemade custard , fresh strawberries and iced with whipped cream.

    Peaches, pineapples, kiwi, blueberries, and bananas can be substituted for the strawberries.

    Sicilian Cassata cake- Italian sponge cake soaked in rum filled with sweeten ricotta cheese, chocolate chips. maraschino cherry and toasted pine nuts.

    Italian Cream cake-Italian sponge cake soaked in rum flavor, filled with custard and iced in butter cream and  toasted coconut.

    Serving size and Price
    8′ round serves 8-10 people for $30.00
    8’square serves 12-14 people for $36.00
    10′ round serves 16-18 people for $40.00
    1/4 sheet serves 20-25 people for $54.00
    1/2 sheet servers  35-40 people for $60.00
    1/2 sheet 3 layer serves 50-60 people $100.00
    Full sheet  2 layer serves 70-80 people $120.00
    Full sheets 3 layer serves 100-130 people $205.00

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