• Pastry Trays

    Pastry trays include:
    CREAM PUFFS-filled with custard and whip cream
    ECLAIRS–Filled with whip cream and custard
    MINI CANNOLI– Filled with sweeten ricotta cheese and chocolate chips
    BARS–Tart lemon filling atop a buttery shortbread crust.
    COCONUT BARS-Pieces of white and chocolate cake rolled in chocolate and fresh coconut
    FUDGE BROWNIES— Fudge like brownie (no nuts)
    Oreo and Traditioal cheese cake
    LADY LOCKS— Filled with marshmallow whip and buttercream

    10 People $25.00
    15 People $35.00
    20 People $45.00
    25 People $55.00
    30 People $65.00
    35 People $75.00
    40 People $90.00 ( 2 trays)
    45 People $100.00 (2 trays)
    50 People $110.00 (2 trays)


    Pastry trays can be made to your liking.  Just give us a call or send us an email.   We will be happy to assist you with your party needs.

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